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  • Dr. Soon Jae Park holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Purdue University, USA, as well as MBA from LG Education Center. Dr. Park went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Biology as a post-doctoral fellow, and advised several business entities until he became the Director of several Pharmaceutical divisions and the a Vice President at LG Life Sciences Ltd. Dr. Park won numerous awards for innovation and achievement, and today he is the CEO of a company devoted to develop next generation of biopharmaceuticals.

    Presentation by Dr.Soon Jae Park

  • Dr. Myung-Ok Park holds a PhD in Bioinorganic & Protein Chemistry from the State University of New Jersey, USA. Dr. Park has won several awards for invention, and held posts as a Senior Scientist in the medical industry in USA. Dr. Park also worked as a Research Professor at major universities in Korea, and currently she is the CEO/President at BiopolyMed, Inc.

    Presentation by Dr. Myung-Ok Park

  • Jeong-Hyun Kim holds a Master's degree of Science in Biochemistry from Yonsei University. Mr. Kim is a Biochemist and a Biotechnology Specialist with a long record of achievements in investment projects and fundraising. With work experience in both Korea and The United States, he participated in gene therapy research and cloud computing development, as he consulted for the film industry and for car racing events.

    Presentation by Jeong-Hyun Kim

  • Refaat El Sayed, co-founder of the Emirates Biotech Pharmaceutical Factory.

    Presentation by Refaat El-Sayed